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Becoming an Entrepreneur in Your Own Life

Thursday, February 23, 2017

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THESIS Carving out time to invest in yourself, devoting that time to learn and put to practice the wisdom of coaches will improve your life as well as your performance as a leader. It is more than situational problem-solving. BACKGROUND The best books on leadership stress that the job of the CEO is self-development as […]

Are you an entrepreneur under stress? Work for one? Lessons from Scuba Diving.

Monday, July 9, 2012

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ARE YOU AN ENTREPRENEUR UNDER STRESS? DO YOU WORK FOR ONE? LESSONS FROM SCUBA DIVING Let’s first stipulate that emotions sometimes are crucial to actions under duress – for example if someone is shooting at you. Then fight or flight responses are appropriately triggered by emotions. The rest of the time there are lessons of […]

Why She Lost? Fundamentals.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

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So, having done a great job of turning around a failing franchise, motivating the players, focusing on teamwork and composure: why did the US. Women’s soccer team lose? Fundamentals. The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team did not reach the minimum level of skill in ball handling or in “finishing” attacks. With almost 15 shots on goal […]

What Made jack welch JACK WELCH

How Ordinary People Become
Extraordinary Leaders

by Stephen H. Baum (Random House)

Most leaders of American companies started out as ordinary people. What prepared them for the top job?

Countless more ordinary people of equal talent never developed the leadership core required to run the show. Why not?

"Lessons for life about the core leadership traits of character, risk taking decisiveness and the ability to engage and inspire followers."
--Jim Clifton, CEO, The Gallup Organization


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