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– CEO of a public, highly visible, Fortune 500 service company with facilities in dozens of countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. As a first-time CEO, he made significant contributions to the quality and performance of the management team, made structural cost reductions, began changing a dysfunctional culture for the better and transitioning the company to be truly global. He developed as a leader in his interactions with his direct reports and his board. He has been a force for transformation. My work with his board and with direct reports provides me a view of the world not limited to his own.

– CEO of high-tech start-up in Palo Alto, serial entrepreneur with game-changing software in the new media advertising space. He has grown his team from an initial 6 person squad to more than 25 world class people in technology, business development and marketing. He has an uncanny knack for seeing ahead and around corners and thinks strategically, but is learning on the job how to lead and manage a firm.

– CEO of a start-up in real estate financial services including due diligence. From a standing start he has grown the company to several million dollars with blue chip clients and a roster of 30 associates. He is learning leadership and management on the job.

– CEO of an engineering firm with more than $1Bn in bookings and dealing with unions, she has turned the business around and also started a second firm working in new client segments with non-union personnel.

– CEO of a private equity owned branded consumer service firm with broad offerings in its field. Sales are roughly $500mm. He was previously a first-time CEO of a P/E owned $1.5 Bn agricultural equipment company with operations in China as well as U.S. Midwest. Another first-time CEO, he has made dramatic changes in cost structure, senior team and operating performance. He has also made great progress in his time choices, his delegation to and interactions with his senior team and the respect with which his board views his contributions to a major turnaround and to professionalizing of the organization.

– Senior partner of a consultancy who made his name overseeing a business with more than 1000 people in the health care practice, he was chosen to run a new business which he has built from almost nothing to $50 million with completely different clients. A largely intuitive leader with exceptional powers of listening, observation and example setting, he has also become more “plan-ful” without becoming bureaucratic.

– Senior managing directors of a private equity firm- CEO of health care services provider to nursing homes with new technology being proven out and sales growing rapidly approaching $200 mm by acquisition and organic growth

– First-time CEO of a real estate asset management, he has developed into a real leader, transformed the company to a major force in the market and is leading its separation from the original investors and partners.

Past individual clients have included:

– Successive CEOs of a public, Midwestern, $3Bn B2B during major transformation from product to service company and proliferation of LOBs, resulting major increase in market to book ratio and stock price.

– CEO of major electric utility (public company) during transformation from complacent monopoly to competitive entity with new social contract with the workforce.

– CEO and entire senior team of major film and television-production company

– Division CEO of major network

– Division CEO of work-for-hire, globally renowned computer graphics firm



[1] JANUARY 2015



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