• AMA (American Management Association) 3/5/2008

  • WFRX Chicago w/April Ruebke Bennett 11/19/2007  Inspiring followers

  • Infotrak WTMX-FM w Chris Wittig (Success Journal) 11/07/2007  Stories of personal growth Part 1 (available as mp3) Part 2 (available as mp3)

    Part 3 (available as mp3)

  • KYWAM 1060 Phila., “Business
    Books” w/Don Lancer 11/06/2007 

    New style leaders

  • KRCN Colorado Radio w/Brooke
    Belson 11/02/2007 

    Shaping experiences, new challenges

  • WGVU Grand Rapids (NPR) w/
    Shelley Irwin 10/30/2007 

    Motivations for leading, character, recruiting

  • BusinessTalkRadio w/ Gabriel
    Wisdom 10/29/2007 

    Peer coaching (available as mp3)

  • WCBQ/WHNC N. Carolina w/ Dr.
    Alvin Augustus Jones 10/24/2007 

    Character, inspiration (available as mp3)

  • BNET with Carmine Gallo 10/01/2007
    (available as mp3

    Shaping experiences

  • KVON Napa w/ Jeff Shechtman
    09/14/2007 (available as mp3

    Book, signal acts

  • KFNN Phoenix with Ken Morgan
    09/11/2007 (available as mp3)
  • Writtenvoices.com with Alan

    Shaping experiences





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    What Made jack welch JACK WELCH

    How Ordinary People Become
    Extraordinary Leaders

    by Stephen H. Baum (Random House)

    Most leaders of American companies started out as ordinary people. What prepared them for the top job?

    Countless more ordinary people of equal talent never developed the leadership core required to run the show. Why not?

    "Lessons for life about the core leadership traits of character, risk taking decisiveness and the ability to engage and inspire followers."
    --Jim Clifton, CEO, The Gallup Organization


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