Coalition of the Willing for America


We are a highly divided nation in an era of highly divided other nations. And, as a leadership expert, my view is that those in the public eye are feeding the frenzy, failing to lead us all, failing to inspire us all and so much is at stake for us and our children and grandchildren.

Michael Eric Dyson wrote a thoughtful and provocative piece in the New York Times (Death in Black and White, July 10, 2016, later updates) arguing that white people do not understand what it means to be black in America and imploring more listening. It is worth everyone reading:

The article prompted my own thinking: when was the last time you admired one of our leaders for bringing people together? for generating a great dialogue amongst parties with different interests? for taking that a step further to real commitments to change the awful status quo on some topic?
In this era of active avoidance of real listening to people whose perspective differs at all from our own..,

In this era in which beliefs without facts drive an unthinking total push for particular solutions…,

In this era with so little tolerance for exploratory conversation to discover truth…,

We the people desperately need a new:

“Coalition of the Willing….”

…a commitment by wise, respected boldface names to band together, change the discourse, articulate the thought processes (and ultimately the mutual commitments) that will restore the unity and pride in being in American.

I long to see its creation and a communications campaign to engage all who would be our leaders at every level.

Just my view. What’s yours?



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