To the Boss: Go Suck an Egg (an example of innovation and creativity)

So many workshops and articles on innovation and creativity fail to get across the simplest idea of how it works. A challenge in cooking may seem a silly topic, but it is instructive.

Cooks often need egg yolks and egg whites separated and separated in a hurry. Too often, the manual approach results in yolk and specs in the whites. One cook exhibited this thought process:

–       Is there another way to separate the eggs without expensive, complicated equipment?

–       How would it work (“suck an egg”)?

–       Would it be a fast as well as complete separation?

–       What do I have on hand to try?

Click on the video below to see what the cook innovated (and how inexpensive and cheap is the solution):


What would be the value be if more of  your associates were this resourceful?

That’s just my view. What’s yours?

We have Faith Middleton of to thank for pointing the way to this video. Her wonderful

shows on NPR may be found at the link below:

Faith Middleton on NPR




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