1000 leaders assembled in Dallas to take themselves up a notch and to learn how to take the people we coach up a notch. Half the participants are CEOs of companies, half are Chairs of peer advisory boards of company CEOs. If you are fortunate enough to be a Vistage member or Chair you are part of a community predisposed to help each other and to help each other become better leaders. If you would like to take yourself up a notch, find a member of our community and find out why.

Among the extraordinary and inspiring outside speakers was Itay Talgam, a famous orchestra conductor who used his profession as a parable for company leadership. Showing videos of several conductors conducting, he asked whom we would hire to lead our organizations. It was incredible instructive. Here are my personal notes from the experience. If you wish to see a sample, find one of his clips on YouTube such as

Conducting as Leadership

My personal notes are as follows:

– connect without diminishing the musicians (which happens when you are too directive)
– create the idea and invite interpretations
– be ready to exert strong control as an exception
– create a climate in which people are self-managed within vision and mission
– be in the moment including sometimes experiencing and freeing your emotion (propagates emotion in others)
– to whom to check you are conducting correctly? Mozart is not available for guidance or feedback
– customers, associates, leadership are your equivalent to audience, musicians, conductors
– no one is perfect and each had good stuff (that includes the conductor), so act accordingly

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