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The Last 90 Seconds of Any Meeting

Saturday, February 19, 2011

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In a conversation this week, I relayed to a coaching client my repeated experience of learning the most amazing things in the last 90 seconds of any meeting. He suggested I share this. I had just become a Principal of a consulting firm whose senior partners included a former partner of Booz Allen & Hamilton […]


All Businesses Are (Or Can Be) Small Businesses

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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All Businesses Are (or can be) Family Businesses As an observer of and coach to businesses large and small, I have always learned a great deal from entrepreneurs and those more corporate executives who adopt the best of their traits. In recent years, I have observed at close hands the strengths and weaknesses of entrepreneurs […]


What Made jack welch JACK WELCH

How Ordinary People Become
Extraordinary Leaders

by Stephen H. Baum (Random House)

Most leaders of American companies started out as ordinary people. What prepared them for the top job?

Countless more ordinary people of equal talent never developed the leadership core required to run the show. Why not?

"Lessons for life about the core leadership traits of character, risk taking decisiveness and the ability to engage and inspire followers."
--Jim Clifton, CEO, The Gallup Organization


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