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Why We Behave As We Do: Brain, Sex and Videotape

Saturday, April 26, 2008

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What holds you back from doing something that worries you? What makes you do something you know is not in your own interest? Why does this get even more true of elderly people? For years, I have been studying:  1. Shaping experiences — the events that shape our deepest abilities to take charge of our […]


Motivating The Front Line

Friday, April 25, 2008

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“How to motivate front line workers who do not want to grow?” was one of the questions on the AMA webinar. My first reaction was to ask what the supervisor had done to be sure of hiring the right people and engaging them in discussion of how they fit in the success of the company. […]


(AMA Webcast Q&A) Your Own Leadership Fitness Program

Sunday, April 6, 2008

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I am going to address two different kinds of questions in this posting.  First, the AMA Webcast Q&A included several questions on a personal growth program, for example, “If a formal leadership advancement program is not available in an organization, what do suggest to one who’s interested in management (beside so indicating to your boss)?”  […]


(AMA Webcast Q&A) Breaking Out From The Pack: No Joke

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

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Another group of questions from the AMA Webcast Q&A focused on breaking out from the pack, such as : “I am not a leader now, how can I stand out so I may be chosen or offered the opportunity to become a leader?” First, senior leaders — business owners, chief executives and bosses at various […]


What Made jack welch JACK WELCH

How Ordinary People Become
Extraordinary Leaders

by Stephen H. Baum (Random House)

Most leaders of American companies started out as ordinary people. What prepared them for the top job?

Countless more ordinary people of equal talent never developed the leadership core required to run the show. Why not?

"Lessons for life about the core leadership traits of character, risk taking decisiveness and the ability to engage and inspire followers."
--Jim Clifton, CEO, The Gallup Organization


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